Was Tim Draper’s support of BCH the result of a hack?


Tim Draper, a well-known American enterprise capitalist and serial cryptocurrency investor, won’t have promoted Bitcoin Money in any case.

A hacker seems chargeable for a Sept. four tweet from Draper stating that he had not too long ago bought Bitcoin Money (BCH) that personally thanked Roger Ver. Although the account “Draper” used to tag the Bitcoin.com founder was a Ver imposter profile, the BCH proponent nonetheless thanked him for the push the similar day.

Tim Draper

After the tweet was deleted, OpenNode co-founder João Almeida confirmed on Sept. 6 that Draper’s account had been compromised. Draper invested in OpenNode’s seed funding spherical in 2018.

“I used to be in touch along with his staff. He deleted the tweet as quickly as he was conscious.” 

Draper’s purported endorsement of BCH was skeptically acquired by many on Crypto Twitter, as he’s effectively often known as one of the largest Bitcoin (BTC) bulls. The billionaire investor has acknowledged that he holds “a lot” of his portfolio in BTC after quitting public shares in favor of the cryptocurrency house in 2019, and is assured that the coin will break $250,000 by early 2023.

The true Draper has not posted to his account since the incident to supply any sort of clarification, resulting in hypothesis about the BCH message.

“Perhaps it was a hack in any case?” mentioned Twitter consumer Whale Panda. “Most likely simply a clueless or paid tweet that backfired.”

Draper has backed a quantity of ventures that haven’t at all times been effectively acquired by many in the crypto neighborhood. In June, Telegram scammers made off with $40,000 from customers making an attempt to purchase the Preliminary DEX Providing (IDO) of Draper’s lending platform Defi Cash Market.

“He’s been paid many occasions to be an ‘advisor’ for a lot of rip-off initiatives in the previous,” mentioned Twitter consumer Crypto Whale, additionally speculating the BCH tweet was a paid commercial that went flawed.

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