Incredible New Minecraft Graphics Should Hush Xbox Series X Critics


  • The Xbox Series X just lately confirmed off some graphical enhancements for the hit Mojang recreation, Minecraft.
  • Updates made the graphically easy recreation look unbelievable.
  • If different video games on Series X have these kinds of enhancements, then Microsoft needn’t fear.

A giant level of competition for avid gamers has been the dearth of exclusives on the Xbox Series X. Many avid gamers have questioned how Xbox will market their new consoles with no new video games.

It seems; the reply is straightforward. The Xbox Series X will appeal to an viewers as a result of it makes video games look higher than they’ve ever seemed earlier than.

Simply check out Minecraft.

This cave space seems gorgeous because of the brand new ray-tracing accessible on Series X. | Supply: YouTube

Minecraft Might Have Basic Textures but Look at Those Godrays

Not long ago, the Xbox Series X had a massive info dump. Not only did we learn a lot about the system’s specifications, but we also got to see some gameplay videos. Some took this gameplay as a sign that the new system wouldn’t draw a crowd, but it can be viewed in a very different light.

Even with the basic, pixelated textures, the new ray-tracing features of Microsoft’s next-gen system make Minecraft look impeccable. The game has gone from a colorful cartoon world to one with realistic lighting and reflections. It’s shocking how much difference the lighting can make.

If other Xbox One games can end up looking that good on the Series X, then Microsoft does not need to worry.

Imagine Xbox One X Upgrades Across the Board

The main knock Microsoft’s ‘no exclusives’ strategy revolves around the Xbox One X. Since it also upgrades how games look, people have argued that doing the same thing with the Series X won’t entice people any more than the One X.

That argument doesn’t quite ring true for me. For one, these enhancements up until now have only been available on certain games. Presumably, every game on the Xbox Series X will look as good as the select ‘enhanced’ games on the One X, possibly even better.

These enhanced features could be the main selling point for the Xbox Series X. Plus, this time around, it’s not just a simple upgraded version of a console. It’s a brand new system, something which has other features to twist consumers’ arms. Microsoft should feel good about its upcoming launch.

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