Cardi B Ignores Millions in Want, Tries to Save ‘Tiger King’ Instead


  • Cardi B not too long ago went on a Twitter rant defending ‘Tiger King’ star Joe Unique.
  • She even stated she would begin a GoFundMe account for the imprisoned zoo proprietor.
  • Joe Unique just isn’t solely a nasty particular person, however Cardi could possibly be serving to out so many different individuals affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cardi B has all the time walked her personal path. However that path is beginning to get a bit of ridiculous.

Such a worthy trigger, Cardi B. | Supply: Twitter

The rapper took to Twitter to rant about the trending new Netflix documentary, ‘Tiger King.’ While rich people all across the globe are contributing to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Cardi B wants to start a GoFundMe for Joe Exotic, star of ‘Tiger King.’

Cardi B’s Epic Twitter Rant

‘Tiger King’ seems to be the only other thing people are talking about right now, besides coronavirus. Cardi B decided to get in on the action. Lines were drawn, and positions were taken. Cardi B is clearly on Team Joe Exotic.

Joe Exotic tried to murder someone, Cardi B. | Source: Twitter
She was not a fan of animal rights ‘activist’ Carol Baskin. | Source: Twitter
Cardi B asks the big questions. | Source: Twitter

Joe Exotic Is Not a Good Person

One of the reasons “Tiger King” was so compelling was its divisive characters. It was hard to tell who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. Part of the reason for that is because they’re all bad guys.

That includes Joe Exotic. Why is Cardi B defending this guy? He paid someone to murder a woman. He fed majestic tigers old bologna from Wal-Mart.  Joe Exotic even killed tigers. Joe Exotic married multiple young men half his age, most of whom said they were actually straight. He kept one of them drugged and confused for so long that he committed suicide.

When there are so many people that need help right now, do you really want to come to the defense of a murderous hillbilly?

Some People Are Using Their Position to Help Fight Coronavirus

Cardi B looks even more ridiculous when compared to the people who are actually using their influence for good. As much as we hate Mark Zuckerberg, he’s at least dropping millions to find a vaccine for COVID-19.

Billionaires Bill Gates and Jack Ma have made significant contributions to coronavirus response. Even mean guy billionaire Jeff Bezos is looking to help.

Even Jeff Bezos is trying to help. | Source: Instagram

Cardi could set up a GoFundMe for the many out of work employees that staff venues where she performs. She could try to raise awareness about coronavirus testing. At the very least, she could show us new ways of living, like Chrissy Teigen.

But no, she’s trying to save a man convicted of murder-for-hire. Bravo Cardi B, you’ll be on the right side of history for this one.

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