Black Ops Reboot Is a Terrible Idea


  • Reddit customers have not too long ago posted rumors relating to the newest entry within the Name of Obligation sequence.
  • The brand new sport is supposedly going to be a comfortable reboot of Name of Obligation: Black Ops
  • Not solely is a reboot utterly pointless, but it surely’s additionally most likely going to wreck among the finest FPS campaigns in gaming.

Name of Obligation: Trendy Warfare was a roaring success. It’s not surprising to listen to that different reboots may be on the way in which. In accordance with unverified rumors on Reddit, Name of Obligation: Black Ops may be getting a reboot this 12 months.

You must query the artistic integrity of a sequence that has run thus far out of concepts that it reboots itself quite a few occasions. The builders are panicking and defaulting to a level when the video games had been nonetheless good.

Sadly, it’s most likely going to work out.

The truth that that is an unverified rumor from Reddit signifies that we don’t know concerning the accuracy of those claims. | Supply: Reddit

Call of Duty: Black Ops Was a Great Game

Back in the day, it was easy to dismiss Call of Duty but not because it was bad. It was just so insanely popular that everyone tried to copy it. It became so pervasive that it was, frankly, annoying.

Every game was an FPS, and they were almost all set in modern times. Then Call of Duty: Black Ops bucked that trend. It was still an FPS, but it was set during the cold war, it had an exciting story, and it included Zork in the menu as an easter egg.

It even updated the zombies mini-game from World At War. That became a decent game in its own right and launched itself into an insanely popular aside to the main game. There was a lot to love about Call of Duty: Black Ops.

That doesn’t mean we should reboot it.

Rebooting a Great Story and Changing It Is Just a Bad Plan

It would be one thing to remake Call of Duty: Black Ops. I’d love another chance at experiencing the storyline and hanging out with Viktor Reznov again, but with modern graphics. Hell, I’d just like a remake of the zombies’ mode if I’m honest.

But, a soft reboot seems like a terrible idea. From the few scant details we have about it, we know the story would be different. None of the previously playable characters would be playable anymore. God knows what would happen to Resnov, arguably the most iconic character in the game.

Let’s just hope that these rumors are untrue. If we’re lucky, Call of Duty: Blacks Ops will just be a remake, not a reboot. Unless they do a great job with a reboot. But, I’m too pessimistic to see that as a possibility.

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